Easymill, even for 5-axis machining!
Video fimed on site (shopfloor company JUSTET)

Setting up a post-processor is essential for any CAM software.
This is even more important when you're dealing with 5-axis machining. Every 5-axis machine has its own kinematic and limits.

That's why our customer, the company JUSTET, asked ERCII to deal with this delicate problem, after they recently purchased a SPINNER 5-axis machining center.

The machine-operators, two clever young men, just finished their training on the machine and knew perfectly the basic settings of the machine : centring, tool length and how to call a program.

Since they were already familiair with Easymill, it was quite easy for them to absorb the extra information allowing them to use Easymill for positioned 5-axis machining.

In no time at all, they were ready to program the test part, machined in this video.
It is not a very complicated part but for the sake of testing it has a lot of sides to machine and that was what we wanted to test in the first place.

« It was not a big deal at all, hardly a bit more complicated than 3-axis machining, you just need to pay a bit more attention" was their reaction at the end of the test.

Once the post-processor had been set up, the new maching center was ready to receive programs in the same way as the two other machining centers on the shop floor at JUSTET, despite the significative differences between the machine racks and the 2 additional rotating axis that had to be taken into account.

Easymill makes the job easier for any machine-operator.

The part in this video would have required several hours of programming without Easymill !


- EASYMILL the easy 2.5 D CAM solution
- e-DNC allows editing and downloading of NC programs to or from numerical control machines.