Easymill's Magic Tool Bar, the unique and unrivalled 2D Drawing interface

What are the advantages of the Magic Tool Bar, Easymill's exclusive feature?
The author of Easymill, Stéphan Hales, answers your questions...

The Magic Tool Bar, what is it exactly ?
A 2D drawing tool is an essential component of any CAD software.
Easymillís Magic Tool Bar is a revolutionary drawing tool in the world of 2D drawing. It is easy to use and redrawing existing paper drawings has never been faster. This exclusive feature has no rival in the CAD world: it is a unique tool and only available in Easymill.

How does the Magic Tool Bar work?
It is a very fast tool. Enter given dimensions in the Magic Tool Bar as in the drawing and Easymill will apply instantly all dimensional constraints, which gives an immediate overview of the drawn elements. No more time consuming intermediate constructions!

The Magic Tool Bar allows you to achieve optimum results twice as fast as when using a parametric sketcher.

Why do you call this tool a revolutionary one? Why doesnít Easymill offer a parametric approach?
Letís talk about what machinists experience daily: they have to create toolpath programs based on part geometries.
Two solutions are available to them: draw the contours of the part in their software or import CAD files.
Importing a CAD file is of course the simplest and most direct solution. But machinists do not always have access to the files of their customers. Very often they only have a paper sketch and not a CAD plan. In that case they need to redraw the geometry of the shapes to be machined.

And that's the rub when you are not using Easymillís Magic Tool Bar. The parametric geometries needed in CAD software are not suited when you know all dimensions of the part to machine and you donít need to change them. On the other end, archaic CAD 2D Tools, still offered by some software, will make you waist a lot of time because of the necessary intermediate constructions that will have to be removed afterwards!

The Magic Tool Bar is also revolutionary because of the amount of time saved. More than twice as fast! Certainly a considerable difference!

Can I use it right away?
Yes! The Magic Tool Bar is very playful, allowing an independent, quick and easy learning.

Its existence has reduced by half the number of icons in Easymill. It has also significantly reduced the time needed twice as fast as with any CAD sketcher) before getting to the actual machining stage.
Just watch this video!

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Easymill's Magic tool Bar versus a CAD sketcher : the Match !

The Magic Tool Bar is a unique tool and only available in Easymill.

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