" Simple, fast and powerful " how to differentiate Easymill from other systems?

You can try Easymill on your PC, free and without obligation! You can set up your post-processor and produce your first program(s) before buying. Many talk about it, few really do it! Try Easymill and see for yourself how easy it is to use. Compared to alternative solutions you will find Easymill accessible – by design ...

In addition, you can work directly with the author who can understand your requirements and can upgrade the software.

Why have telephone demonstrations?

There are 3 answers to this:

1- Because with Easymill you can! Where other programs require at least 3 days of training, the design of Easymill means that you can use it immediately, with a quick telephone demo or after viewing our videos and demonstrations ..

2- Because we save on expensive travel, we can keep a lean company structure and offer you lower prices.

3- We find that demonstrations do ‘show off’ a product, however we feel that Easymill is best shown where it will actually be used – on your machines – so that your requirements and needs are met. So if the software generally meets your expectations we give you the opportunity to ask the author questions regarding the software directly and then quietly let you try Easymill on your PC and in your machines, free for 15 days.

I program very fast on my machine ... What can Easymill do for me?

  • Easymill can quickly program ALL your machines, and not only those equipped with modern and efficient controllers.
  • You prepare your programs in the same way no matter how many differing machines you have.
  • You can program without training.
  • You can program in peace.
  • You avoid testing in a "vacuum".
  • You access CAD files directly so you do not need to re-enter countless co-ordinates and calculations.
  • You can read files of co-ordinates so that drilling locations do not have to be re-entered.
  • It enables you to concentrate on your business and not on co-ordinate calculations.
  • No complicated calculations for your islands and pockets!
  • At the last moment you can change the machining origin whatever your machine.
  • You can instantly change your tool diameters, even with pockets.
  • you can choose a target machine and you can easily send a program to another machine with no additional programming.
  • When you do arithmetic calculations or square roots, you use a calculator, not a supercomputer, or a sheet of paper. In the same way, to program simple things use the correct and suitable tool. This tool is Easymill!

How are post-processors designed and do they work?

Easymill must be a solution not a problem!
We endeavour to ensure that programs are right the first time and need no further manual editing. We have a generic configurable ISO post-processor.
The configuration is very simple. It is covered by the support offered at the time of purchasing the software (except in special circumstances).

Will my machine be able to work with Easymill ?

Machines that operate with ISO (G code) will work with the configurable and generic Post-processor (NUM, Fanuc, Tigre, Anilam, siemens, etc.).
Heidenheim machines have their own Easymill post-processor, this is also configurable.
For special machines we can develop custom post-processor.
The development of the post-processor is provided FREE by us when setting up the software for you.

I have a high-end software system can I still use Easymill?

Programming through a centralized CAM service can cause production bottlenecks.
It is much better to support this service by programming simple tasks in the workshop.
Additionally the costs of maintenance, development of post-processors and training of senior staff is very high.
Easymill ensures significant savings for simple tasks.

How does easymill optimize my NC's?

Programming with Easymill is fast and error free and makes for versatile staff that can operate several different machines with no additional training! Our aim is to increase your production time and fully use all your machines.

Easymill incorporates an algorithm to reduce tool paths for pockets so reducing machining time and increasing production.

Why are ERCII prices so low?

Our sales process, via the Internet, allows us to significantly reduce our operating costs and therefore charge lower rates for our software.

What changes to the software are planned?

Easymill is evolving and further developments are undertaken according to customer demands.