Even more performing with a lot of new features ...

Your requests = our priority ...

A lot of new features in EASYMILL's new release, EASYMILL Version 9, have been developped because our users asked for them.
That's why never be afraid to ask ! At ERCII our customer's needs are our priority in development.
There are quite a lot of them in this new release. Check out the list and you will see that among these features, some are not often seen in other software and some are unique and only offered by EASYMILL !

EASYMILL Version 9 will help you getting even more out of your CN machines and increase your productivity.
Just try for instance a Turning cycle : save in a range face turning + turning + facing and most of your programs will be finished in 3 clicks !!!

EASYMILL Version 9 : a lot of new features without changing your habits. Download the new release today !

New features in Drawing : New features in Hole drilling :

  • Snapping possibilites for the first point entered (segments/arcs/splines, etc…).
  • Dimensions (of segments, angles ...) can be added easily.
  • Gears and ribs drawing (Milling menu )
  • Embracing contour (square, circle) (Geometry menu).
  • Import of sketchup files(Google).
  • Import of Rhino files.

  • A beveled edge cycle has been added.
  • New sorting possibilities to define drilling order of holes
  • Slope machining : pass control in mm per turn.
  • New machining path without gaps for the passes with tool corrector (Profiling).

New features in Milling : New features in Turning :

  • New text engraving possibilites (preview and positionning using your mouse)
  • New vCarve cycle (Engraving with cone cutter drill)
  • New slope machining cycle (2D/3D)
  • Better surfacing
  • New tool types : conic cutter, side-and-face cutter, countersink)
  • New machining path without gaps for the passes with tool corrector (Profiling).

  • New facing cycle.
  • New grooving cycle.
  • New possiblity to add several finishing passes.
  • New machining path without gaps for the passes with tool corrector.
  • More threading possibilities.
  • New special threading shape cycle.
  • Chip breaking finish.

And last but not least : better 3D profile finishing calculation and a really great 3D engraving cycle to decorate or mark your parts.

That are a lot of new features ... discover some of them in this video ... :