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EASYMILL, the user friendly CAM solution

EASYMILL is an easy and affordable CAM software.
Quick and easy to implement, EASYMILL can be used as soon as you download it. EASYMILL has powerful functions and is really cost-effective, even for very simple parts. It helps save time and money. EASYMILL produces ready to use error free programs in a few seconds.

Who are we ?
In 1980, Stéphan Hales develops his first CAM software. ERCII is founded in 1991. Since then, Stéphan distributes his easy CAM solution EASYMILL for mills and lathes with up to 5 axes, as well as e-DNC (a RS232 communication tool for simple PC to machine transfer) optimizing industrial processes in hundreds of companies.

Why add EASYMILL to your catalogue? …Because EASYMILL is different…!
  • EASYMILL is quick and easy to implement and cost-effective even for very simple parts;
  • EASYMILL is complete and can be used stand alone. No additional software is needed;
  • EASYMILL provides error free programs in a few clicks, whatever the brand or model of your customers' machines, thanks to an all-round adaptable post-processor;
  • EASYMILL has all important functions of the expensive leading CAM software but at only 20% of their price;
  • EASYMILL can be used as the only CAM software for your shop floor but also as complementary software next to complicated 3D solutions in order to avoid wasting time programming simple 2D programs ;
  • Self training videos and tutorials are included; almost all our customers use EASYMILL without any expensive additional training!
  • And above all a trial version of EASYMILL is available for downloading and free testing for a duration of 6 weeks before purchasing!
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Today, 99% of our customers are from France, Belgium or Switzerland because our VAR's are in France... but our market share should be the same in all European countries so join us and help us grow !

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Special Training program available for our resellers : for instance pre-training live on-line demonstration of our software. In case any problems need to be sorted with regard technical aspects of our software, our Sales Technicians will be available to help you and your customers.

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