EasyMill Turning :
New feature developped at customers' request

Just ask and see how quickly EasyMill provides an answer ...

Mr Robert Scorticati, director of AEP, discovers EasyMill on the Internet as most of our customers. EasyMill Turning is what he needs but one feature is missing according to him: machining thread shapes.

Stéphan Hales, the author of EasyMill, is happy to say that at ERCII, we are always trying to respond to our customers' needs and that's in fact the way we often start to develop new functions for EasyMill : by listening to our prospects and customers. The missing function will feature in the new release of EasyMill, version 9.

During Mr Scorticati's visit of our stall at the Industrie Paris 2012 exhibition (spring 2012) we show him the function's development in progress. He was quite convinced with our demonstration and orders EasyMill even though the thread shape machining function is not yet ready for release.

His request becomes our highest priority and a few weeks later tests are carried out at his factory. After the final validation tests, Mr Scorticati is the first customer to have an exclusive use of EasyMill's new feature.

Test phase

Here's a video of the first test at the AEP factory.
The new function allows designing the shape of the thread in order to machine it with any tool.

It can be straight as shown in this video but also conic or even frontal, outside or inside.

With EasyMill's SolvEsquiss, the thread shape, size or for instance its length can all be saved, and then may be changed in order to recalculate the entire code in a few seconds.

This new feature, which was written from a special request by Mr Scorticati, will be included in the EasyMill Turning Version 9 which will be released at no additional cost, neither for him, nor for any new customer.

If your need to manufacture parts with large thread steps, don't hesitate ! This new Easymill feature alone makes your investment worthwile !


In 1980 to satisfy the requirements of a company manufacturing metal moulds, Stéphan Hales wrote several CAM software systems for milling and wire erosion. Stéphan founded ERCII in 1991. After working under contract for various publishers, ERCII now promotes, distributes and maintains its own CAM software.

- EASYMILL the easy 2.5 D CAM solution
- e-DNC allows editing and downloading of NC programs to or from numerical control machines.