EASYMILL and SID SA, Leader in Europe
for hazardous waste pre-treatment

SID SA founded in 1972 is a French, German and Swiss group. SID SA is the market leader for hazardous waste pre-treatment installations, for example when regular feeding of hazardous waste incinerators is needed.

SolidPumps HHE AG is the specialist for pumping difficult media, such as for example hazardous waste mixed with shredded solids. Together, SID SA and SolidPumps HHE AG are your competent partners for the resolution of all your problems regarding the preparation and the transport of complex waste.

For instance, SID SA has built the biggest shredding installation in the world for the German EnBW factory in Stuttgart, with a capacity of 5 x 100 t/h.

Mr Pulzer thinks highly of CAM software EAYSMILL's possibilities for his Engineering department.

For turning purposes, he uses and recommands EASYMILL. According to him it's cost-effective, easy and quick to use and above all a reliable CAM software.

Picture : this oversized part has been drawn and produced with EASYMILL.

About SID SA

Your expert partner for the development, the engineering and the production of customised installations used in the size reduction of waste. SID is also considered as the specialist for the design and the delivery of complete preparation and feeding systems for hazardous waste. : SID SA website


In 1980 to satisfy the requirements of a company manufacturing metal moulds, Stéphan Hales wrote several CAM software systems for milling and wire erosion. Stéphan founded ERCII in 1991. After working under contract for various publishers, ERCII now promotes, distributes and maintains its own CAM software.

- EASYMILL the easy 2.5 D CAM solution
- e-DNC allows editing and downloading of NC programs to or from numerical control machines.