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EASYMILL is easy to use ...

Like most of our customers, Mr Pigeonnier of Transparences discovered EASYMILL on the Internet some years ago. The software included with his CNC machine did not do the job. He needed something easier to use and quicker to implement.
Convinced by the demos and videos on our website Mr Pigonnier purchased EASYMILL Milling.

From the start, he appreciated the simulation and 3D visualisation of tool paths and he found EASYMILL really easy to use.

... and above all EASYMILL helped him save time !

EASYMILL allows Mr Pigeonnier to use numeric files provided by his customers and to go from the screen to producing chips in a really short time.

Mr Pigeonnier's passion is creating innovative products; programming in ISO is not part of his priorities !

To get started really quickly and to be as successful as possible with EASYMILL, Mr Pigeonnier opted to have a short training session.

Since then he has needed very little technical support. Nevertheless he really appreciated Mr Hales availability and quick response in those rare occasions when he needed technical support.
During a 1 day on-site session, we also helped Mr Pigeonnier optimise his installation and tuned the post-processors in order to provide a complete "turnkey" solution.

EASYMILL at your service for creativity

Transparences manufactures custom-made exclusive products in transparent synthetic resins such as Plexiglas®*.
From one-of-a-kind pieces to large series, Transparences produces display stands, luxury showcases for shop windows. Customers include famous names in the high end jewellery market, such as Dior, Mauboussin and Van Cleef.

Transparences also make display units for museums like the Louvre in Paris.

Original furniture, lamps, sign boards, goodies or trophies are other items created by TRANSPARENCES.

CNC engraving and oversized CNC milling with EASYMILL

The technologies used on the shop floor of Transparence are laser cutting and engraving, diamond polishing, hot folding of large and thick pieces, CNC engraving and oversized CNC milling.

This technology has been used to manufacture the large polycarbonate pannels to replace the ceiling glass panels of the French parliament building, the Assemblée Nationale, in order to reduce weight.

Other examples of CNC engraving and milling are shown below.

the transparent ceiling
of the Assemblée Nationale.

Mr Pigeonnier uses and has been recommanding EASYMILL since 2007 because EASYMILL is easy and quick to use and above all reliable.

examples of CNC engraving and milling

About Transparences
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In 1980 to satisfy the requirements of a company manufacturing metal moulds, Stéphan Hales wrote several CAM software systems for milling and wire erosion. Stéphan founded ERCII in 1991. After working under contract for various publishers, ERCII now promotes, distributes and maintains its own CAM software.

- EASYMILL the easy 2.5 D CAM solution
- e-DNC allows editing and downloading of NC programs to or from numerical control machines.