EasyMill and the creative world of BENCREA


BENCREA : technology and creativity

With more than 20 years of experience, Benoît Pasquini, owner of BENCREA, responds to his customers' needs using the latest technologies, creating all kind of innovative products.

With EASYMILL our customer can produce his ideas easily and quickly.

Mr Pasquini discovered our software in 2006, on the Internet. After downloading and testing EASYMILL, he decided to purchase our software and since then uses it almost every day for his mill and lathe to machine a variety of parts, including complex units.

Some custom-made and exclusive designs of BENCREA-TEK :

  • 3D engraving of photos,
  • Adjustable audio and video information "hotspots",
  • Braille sign boards,
  • LED UV Projector lamps,
  • Vibration speakers
  • Light signs (LED technology),
  • Lighting of sport stadiums, churches, shops, ...

EASYMILL and Cape Horn

In 2012 Y. Bourgnon and S. Roubinet sailed around Cape Horn in a modified Nacra F-20, a beach catamaran.

BENCREA designed the lighting of their boat.
Complex mechanical parts were especially designed and machined for this project with EASYMILL, with high waterproof and cold resistant qualities, containing powerful LED UV lamps to make them more visible during this dangerous 60-hour adventure around the Cape.

Des pièces créées avec e-NC à la réalisation
Enseignes lumineuses

No expensive training required !

Mr Pasquini did appreciate the technical help Mr Hales provided when he was getting started with EASYMILL.

For him to continue using EASYMILL, no additional, expensive training was required.

After several years using EASYMILL, Mr Pasquini is still very pleased with it and recommends our software to his colleagues and business partners.


In 1980 to satisfy the requirements of a company manufacturing metal moulds, Stéphan Hales wrote several CAM software systems for milling and wire erosion. Stéphan founded ERCII in 1991. After working under contract for various publishers, ERCII now promotes, distributes and maintains its own CAM software.

- EASYMILL the easy 2.5 D CAM solution
- e-DNC allows editing and downloading of NC programs to or from numerical control machines.