Janinet Mechanics installs Easymill and no training required

« The company was looking for a general mechanical CAM software that was easy to install and use »
J-L Janinet, Gérant

Half way between Dijon and Lyon, Janinet Mechanics established in 1978 (, is a general engineering company with 15 employees. Industries are sports cars and the motorcycle industry. Janinet Mechanics’ machines are 3 machining centres and 7 milling machines.
In May 2009, Mr Janinet was looking for CAM software that was simple to implement and use.

Easymill, a program available:

Mr Janinet wished to concentrate on managing the business and leave the programming of machines to his operators. He used the Internet to find an affordable solution without training that was quick to implement: "I was looking for a CAM software that could be used easily and without training my operators."
After discovering and testing several CAM systems, Mr Janinet downloaded the trial version of Easymill. We will keep this software for the following reasons:
• Easymill can be used by programmers without training.
• Easymill allows them to be quickly self sufficient.
• Easymill offers robust features for a reduced budget.


A personalised follow-up:


Mr Janinet chose Easymill for these qualities but also for the help provided by ERCII. Indeed, it was as a well informed user that he invested his time in further investigating Easymill. Mr Janinet did not want to make a mistake and ERCII gave several telephone demonstrations on different types of work pieces provided by Mr Janinet to convince him. These calls enabled him to appreciate the simplicity and ease of ownership of the software. The level of functionality in Easymill enabled ERCII to produce the tool paths he wanted, and the ERCII quality of service was exceptional.