Easymill: Easy CAM for turning and milling
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Easymill in a few words ...
  Powerful simple and quick
  Requires no training
  Great quick calculation of toolpaths
  Supported Formats : IGES, DXF, DWG
  Import files of points
  2.5-axis machining and 3D prints photos
  ISO program in seconds
  And more ...
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Easymill: excellent price / performance ratio
Easymill is revolutionizing the world of CAM by providing professional CAM software at 1 / 3rd see 1 / 5th the price charged by competitors.

Interoperability with other software is very important for the exchange of technical information.

Easymill supports all major formats for the exchange industry standards and can be used alone or as a complement to CAD software to meet the needs of various corporate stakeholders.

  How can ERCII offer a fully functional and complete professional software at this price?

Primarily, we focus our development priorities on commonly used features for the majority of users and secondly, we work directly with users.

Our low production costs mean that you get a great price / performance ratio.

We do not spend our money on expensive advertising campaigns and we do not waste time developing esoteric functions that will never used

This strategy is successful, more and more satisfied customers have discovered the benefits of CAM with Easymill.

Easymill is easy CAM

Easymill is a CAM software package enabling programmers to optimise NC machining, it has been designed to be used at the NC machines.

It is easy and effective and enables users to work independently, it also significantly increases machine production.

The 2 major differentiators of this solution are:
   The speed using and learning Easymill (virtually no training).
  The low cost of implementation. (All-inclusive package: Video self-study and telephone support to start-off and assistance for the development of post-processors ensuring full functionality).

It is for these reasons that Easymill has become a standard in 2D, 2.5D CAM and turning.

Functionality and Benefits
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Easymill Drilling
Easymill 2.5 axis
Easymill 2 axis
Easymill Turning

  Spécialisé sur le 2 axes et demi.
  Hyper-Rapide ! (Temps de programmation réduit au minimum.)Installation et Utilisation ultra simple. ( Immédiatement opérationnel, apprentissage intuitif !)

  Sauvegarde des usinages pour réutilisation(conserver votre savoir faire).
  Copier/Coller de gammes d'usinages.
  Retour sur investissement en quelques jours seulement...
  Compatible Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP. Vista

      Geometric Modeling 2D and 2.5D

  Permet la creation des contours à usiner de manière autonome (Points, Arcs, Cercles, Splines, courbes mathématiques).
  Permet l'edition des geometries importées via les interfaces.
  Translation, Rotation, Symmetrie, Echelle, Duplication, Repetitions, ajuster, prolonger, ...
  Construction des contours en automatique sur des éléments d'import non contigus et pouvant se chevaucher. (Gains de temps de préparation)
  Pré-visualisation sur écran en 3D (Rotation, translation et zoom dynamique).

      Machining holes

  Réalisation de pointages, percages, alésages, taraudages, lamages, , filet à la fraise.etc..
  Une définition des perçages unique, permettant un découpage des usinages par phases.(Idéal pour les perçages très profonds   ou traversant des cavités).
  Import de fichiers de points tous formats. (inclus la récupération de positions de percages depuis les fichiers IGES, DXF, DWG).

      Text Engraving
  Gravures avec toutes les polices TrueTypes + fontes e-NC (monotraits).

      Image Engraving
  Gravure de photos en relief en fonction de la luminosité.

      2D Milling
  Gestion de parcours de fraisage 2D.
  Sens avalant ou opposition, accostages et sorties diverses (avec ou sans rayons, perpendiculaires, directes, ...)

      2.5D Milling
  Gestion d'usinages sur des parois non verticales.

      Definition of parameterised shapes
  Rectangle, rond, ellispe, polygone regulier, oblong circulaires, ces formes se définissent par quelques cotes pour plus d'efficacités.

      Spiral Machining     
  Usinage de poche avec ilots de différentes hauteurs, incluant le lissage de trajectoire.

  En aller/retour ou en unidirectionnel, selon un angle, etc...

      Island Contouring
  Contournage d'un ou plusieurs ilots jusqu'à renconter un contour exterieur.

      Turning Cycles
  Dressage, Chariotage, filetage, ...
  Ebauche simple/suiv de contour ou Mixte
  Usinages style gorges sur profils quelconque.

      Tools Database
  Base de données incluant les caractéristiques dimensionnelles et les conditions de coupes des outils.

      Machine Database
Base de données incluant les caractéristiques machines tel que:
  Vitesses d'avances Maxi et Mini
  Vitesses de rotations Maxi et Mini
  Type et configuration du post-processeur
  Parametres de transfert RS232
  Position de changement d'outil

      Saving machining lines
  Permet d'appliquer a une forme une suite de cycles prédéfinis.

      Universal ISO post processor ISO
  Post-processeur universel permettant le pilotage de toutes machines fonctionnant à partir du langages ISO ou heideinhain.
  Configuration simple
  Utilisation des cycles machines
  Réalisation de sous-programmes en automatique.

      Generation scorecard
  Fiches de suivies générées sous excel.

      Videos and self teaching
  De nombreuses videos disponiblent

      CAD interfaces
  Interface de fichiers DXF et/ou DWG. Interface IGES.


The post-processor configuration allows smooth control of all machines, regardless of their capabilities.

Need help, advice?

You can download our demo videos and some of our teaching videos free.
We suggest you download and try Easymill for 15 days.
We can also offer an online demo to allow you to evaluate the benefits provided by Easymill.

Often we customise demonstrations with parts provided by yourself so that it becomes relevant to your needs and is not a ‘pre canned’ demo using artificial models.

For technical support you have direct access to the producer and author of the software.

What you will not find elsewhere

Easymill is designed for heavy use next to NC machines, so we place great importance on speed and ease of use. (Only a few seconds to produce an ISO program).

One of our distinct advantages is our responsiveness.

Major players in the market may provide you answers after many months (very often negative), we can act in a few days to include your needs as standard features of the software.

A cycle does not correspond match your requirements?
You need a particular machining path?
Missing parameters in our post-processor?

Defend your position with the head of development: by mail. .

You are in direct contact with the software's author - a UNIQUE position!
Online Demo

If you want to know in 20 minutes whether Easymill is for you, contact us for a demonstration by phone. .

No travelling, freedom to choose a suitable time, for a session identical to an on site demonstration.

This step is also an opportunity to begin your own training. (Most important is to try Easymill yourself) then you can download the free software and use it on your machines.

For the demonstration you can choose:
   Either we show you how easymill works and then you try it.
   Or we guide you but YOU are driving the software.

Request an online demonstration