The "Magic Tool Bar"

The « Magic Tool Bar » is really a magical and unique tool ! We think EASYMILL's 2D drawing interface is one of world’s most effective drawing tools.
The Magic Tool Bar combines dimension entries using the keyboard and/or constraints by using your mouse pointer. EASYMILL will automatically suggest snapping possibilities to existing segment points (e.g. nearest, middle, tangent, centre points) while you are drawing.

The circle you are drawing is almost tangential ?
It will cling automatically ...
Your line is almost horizontal ? It will cling automatically...

You think you saw this before?
Count the number of "clicks" in this video and compare !

The big difference is that this toolbar enables you to force magnetisation and clinging in the way YOU want it to work !
And in addition you see the result of your choices before submitting and validating by clicking!

The magic tool bar is included in any EASYMILL licence.
Try it and see the difference…